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Prevalent & Preventable will bring together a diverse group of people including service workers, community advocates, policy makers, researchers, government / non-government and other professionals from around Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific, Europe and beyond to discuss ways to prevent violence against women and children.

The conference will have a particular focus on prevention, that is, on long term social change strategies to address the underlying – and deeply entrenched – drivers of this violence, as a complement to response efforts. It will draw in particular on current research and strategies that point to the need to address the structures, norms and practices that drive and reinforce violence against women. The conference will address the opportunities and challenges associated with putting this research into practice.

The four-stream program is designed to generate focused discussion on some of ‘the hard questions’ in this field, and will provide participants with the opportunity to propose, discuss and generate possible solutions and ways forward. In order to facilitate this, conference workshops will be interactive and action-focused rather than following the traditional format of presentations followed by questions and answers.

Workshops and conference sessions will fall within four thematic streams:

  1. Preventing violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women
  2. Putting intersectionality into practice – ensuring that prevention efforts respond to and tackle the complex and multiple forms of discrimination and marginalisation that intersect in different ways to influence the perpetration of violence and its impact on women
  3. Preventing violence against women in settings those with limited services and infrastructure, including rural regional and remote communities in Australia and the Pacific
  4. Children and young people as agents of change

While there are distinct streams dedicated to exploring the prevention of violence against particularly marginalised women, a focus on how multiple forms of inequality, discrimination and marginalisation impact women’s lives and influence the perpetration violence will also be woven throughout all streams.

The Preliminary Program can be found here

Confirmed international keynote speakers: Professor Rashida Manjoo and Marai Larasi

Conference host keynote speakers: Natasha Stott Despoja (Our Watch); Julie Oberin (AWAVA)

Many other speakers have confirmed, including Ms Antoinette Braybrook, Ms Rosie Batty, The Hon Kelly Vincent, MLC and representatives from PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.  A more comprehensive listing is available in the Preliminary Program

Program design

There are currently numerous conferences being held on violence against women, many of which are run by for-profit companies and act as ‘showcases’ for the work of those selected to present. While this approach can be valuable, it also means lesser-known or more innovative or emerging work risks being overlooked, and some of our most difficult challenges may not be openly discussed.

This conference aims to be different, both in approach and content. Most importantly, this conference is action-focussed. It will not simply be a showcase of practice and research, but will instead require presenters and participants to ‘focus on the hard questions’, and propose and discuss possible solutions in a spirit of shared learning and collaboration. Facilitators will conduct workshops with a view to distilling options or ways forward for some of the most significant challenges within each stream.
Presentations and workshops will be delivered by invited speakers and facilitators. For this reason the conference will not issue a call for abstracts. Rather, the topics to be included in each of the thematic streams are being determined by the Conference Governance Committee, with advice from the Conference Advisory Group.

Should you wish to get in touch about the program, please contact the Conference Secretariat at [email protected]


The Conference Advisory Group consists of leading representatives from the major Australian organisations dedicated to eliminating violence against women. The Conference Governance Committee consists of representatives of the host organisations, Our Watch and Australian Women Against Violence Alliance.  Organisational support is provided by InSync Public Relations and Event Management.

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